Norway Fjords-Olden Nordfjord

Shuman Travels

Today’s port was Olden, Norway.   Once we left the ship (Norwegian Jade), we made our way over to the tours that were selling tours right off the boat.  We decided on the two-decker bus and as soon as the bus filled up, we were on our way.  The village of Olden was quite small, but had a beautiful landscaping, as we past by many farms on the route to see the Briksdal glacier.   Really pretty farmland was passed on the one lane road we traveled through the valley towards the glacier.  Sometimes the drive was scary.  Fast drivers, buses meeting at a curve, and squeezing by or back up on the lane.  The view of the lake, river and then the glacier coming into our view was just breathtaking.  We don’t know how people could ever get bored of those views.

As we headed back to the ship, we again…

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